OppiDam Musikfest

You have survived the first two months of 2024 and now it is time to relax get the most out of the rest of this year. March is the month to get your gear together and head out to OppiDam at Vygeboom Dam in Mpumalanga for the “OppiDam Musikfest”.

OppiDam is situated on the shores of the Vygeboom Dam. This amazing resort is located in a region of grassland and wetlands that is conveniently close to Badplaas. Mpumalanga is also known as “the place where the sun rises,” and this can be experienced first-hand if you stay at OppiDam with its stunning sun rises and sunsets.

However, from 13:00 on Saturday, 30 March it will be time to hang up your hat, let your hair down and enjoy some Afrikaans music and party like just you know how.

OppiDam is presenting an array of artists to entertain you until late that night. They include Coenie Naudé, Pieter Rischmuller (aka Piet Pompies), Moonshine, Kris Ray, Mona-Lee, Doane Smith, Lisa Swift and Inferno Fireflies.

Coenie Naudé

Coenie Naudé is a formidable tenor singer and known for his work in rock music. Large audiences have been captivated by his powerful singing accompanied by an acoustic guitar. Performing in English, Afrikaans, and isiZulu, his sets feature a combination of original and cover songs. Amidst an ocean of imitators, Coenie has carved out a niche for himself with his innovative, “Old School” Rock–influenced rock music.

Pieter Rischmuller

Pieter Rischmuller, aka Piet Pompies is the former lead singer of the dynamic group DJ Ossewa. In 2014 he decided to spread his wings and head out on his own. Wearing the brown bulbous hat, he has entertained numerous crowds. Pieter is not only a singer songwriter but also a radio personality and prankster, TV presenter at net-afrikaans.com and an outstanding MC for all occasions.


Moonshine is a country blues band that started to perform in 2016. The band consists of two members, father Louis and his son Francois and they make music in a multi-instrumental tradition. They use instruments like the acoustic guitar, keyboard, ukulele, mandolin, banjo and bouzouki which adds a unique and creative sound to contemporary and original country music

Kris Ray

Kris Ray is a musician that hails from Nelspruit. His music focus on the genres of pop and he continues to leave his imprint on the music landscape with his unique style and talent. He has carved out a special place for himself in the music world with a clear concentration on mainstream pop.

Mona Lee

Mona Lee is a multi-talented artist who has been making waves in the music industry, captivating audiences with her unique blend of deep and groovy house music with soulful live vocals. She brings on an original performance, spicing up her DJ sets with live vocals that includes genres from disco to house music.

Doane Smith

Doane Smith was born in Pretoria and although he played guitar from an early age, he did not set out to be a musician. Today he is a performer well known for his ability to engage audiences of all kinds. His performs music from golden oldies to current music that includes dance, pop, rock and country.

Lila Swift

Lila Swift describes herself as, “net nog ‘n meisie wat haar drome volg”. She hails from the Lowveld and has been singing country and pop music for the past seven years. She writes her own music and find inspiration in her memories, love and “stuff that just needs to be said”.

Inferno Fireflies

Inferno Fireflies will probably be the highlight of the evening with their sparking light dance performances. These professionally trained artists will have you sitting on the edge of your seats as they dance and play with “fire”.

But, don’t just come for the festival. Make the end of March a family weekend break-away and book accommodation at OppiDam Resort. You could opt for staying on their popular houseboats for two to four people, or stay in the one self-catering home. If you’d rather camp, they not only have a number of camping sites with electricity connections, but also offer six caravans and a tented camp on site.

Want to relax and not be responsible for cooking or planning a meal, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The Ararat Restaurant will see to your every need. It has a fully equipped bar as well as an ala carte menu that serves breakfast, light lunches as well as dishes for the hungrier person with a big appetite. In addition, the resort also has a shop on the premises where you can conveniently shop for your everyday provisions like bread, milk, snacks and cooldrinks.

There are many other activities that you can engage in during the rest of the weekend with lots to keep the children busy and out of your hair. Don’t forget your swimming and fishing gear.

Why wait, contact OppiDam Resort now on +27 66 327 1068 or send them your enquiry via email to info@oppidam.co.za

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