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5 Reasons to camp next to water

Just image living in a city your whole life without ever visiting any of the more adventurous places or going camping! Imagine not knowing what it feels like not to know how to fish, build a barbecue, having a sundowner while watching the sun set from your campsite, or to run barefoot on the beach. South Africa has ample opportunities for a family to break away from the hustle and bustle of city life and escape to some peace and quiet. With a caravan or a tent, you have the freedom to stray, go off the beaten track, and seek out your own adventures. Owning a caravan or a tent is also comparatively affordable to renting a vacation house with not financial return. Not all places you escape to offers the same relaxation or satisfaction but camping next to a dam is a great alternative. Here are our five reason why it is a good option to camp next to a dam:

#1 It is affordable

Caravan-park rates are usually much lower than those of hotels and guest houses. Another advantage is that since you own the caravan or tent, you get to sleep in your own comfortable bed, under your own bedding and you will be right next to water with endless possibilities of having fun.

#2 It is family friendly

Caravans are made for families. Pile the whole family into the car and head for the hills. You can travel light by packing a couple of pairs of shorts, a few T-shirts and slip-slops, and you’re set for a fun time. Since you are planning to be close to water, don’t forget all the water equipment and be sure to pack everything you need to go fishing. There’s also the option of taking your furry four-legged best friend along as a number of camping sites allow pets. He or she is after all part of the family. Campers are generally very sociable and friendly and you become part of a community who likes to make new friends, and are eager to assist where and when they can.

#3 You are close to nature and water

One of the greatest things about camping is that you will spend most of your time outdoors. Wake up to the sounds of nature, birdsong, a beautiful sunrise, and the lapping of the water on the shore. At night you can relax around your barbecue fire and enjoy the sounds of the night, gaze at the stars and simply relax. Many activities can be participated in around a dam, like playing all kinds of games on the open grass, go fishing, hire a boat, or have some fun through the many water activities that is usually on offer at a dam. You could also go on beautiful scenic walks will allow you to appreciate the wonderful clean air filled with the scents and aromas of the outdoors. You can even take your bicycle along.

#4 You have freedom

Camping means that you can pitch your tent or hitch up and head out any time you choose too. You are not dependent on hotel reservations or the rigid tour programs of traditional holidays. Camping is perfect for independent people, for the restless spirits who value freedom and the outdoors over everything inactive. Camping holidays are also very flexible since you are in charge of your destination. You have the freedom to explore new places with relative ease, and you always have your accommodation with you.

#5 It is all about discovering new places

Touring South Africa and camping is an adventurous way to discover new places. Whether you like seaside views, thick forests, mountain vistas or scenic spots next to gurgling rivers or a dam, these are all readily available when you go camping. There are many camping resorts in South Africa and you would never be able to stay in them all, but they are there, waiting for you to visit. One such a place that is highly recommendable is OppiDam at Vygeboom Dam., close to Badplaas in Mpumalanga.


At OppiDam you can hire any of 23 waterfront campsites that comes equipped with electricity and braai facilities. If you don’t have your own tent or caravan, OppiDam also offers 6 caravans on site for hire. They are all fully equipped for self-catering. On caravan sleeps three people and all the others four. In addition, OppiDam has six tents that can sleep three people each. These tents are in close vicinity and can be hired exclusively without any other guests. The area has its own ablution facilities, kitchen and boma. OppiDam also offers a self-catering house that can accommodate 10 people. It is situated on the banks of Vygeboom Dam and is fully equipped. OppiDam has various options to ensure you have a most enjoyable holiday at the dam. Besides fishing from the banks you can rent a pedal boat or a kayak. They also have four self-drive houseboats that each cater for up to five people. So… How long? OppiDam Houseboats will make your next vacation unforgettable.

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