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7 Reasons why houseboats beat hotels

Ever considered going on a houseboat vacation? It is a more adventurous vacation than any vacation spent at a hotel. It’s time to get out of your routine and enjoy a different experience. Houseboats are entertaining, simple to operate, and anyone over the age of 18 may legally operate one as the captain!
In South Africa, as in other parts of the world, houseboat vacations are becoming more and more popular. Imagine waking up to a different vista each morning and spending the entire day relaxing in the sun.
OppiDam Houseboats, located on the banks of the Vygeboom Dam in Mpumalanga, is one such destination and is also located conveniently close to Badplaas.

Here are our seven reasons why houseboats beat hotels as your next adventure holiday.

# 1 You are in control of your own space

When you check in, you are actually checking out. All the stresses of the world float away as you step onto your houseboat, turn the key, and move your “hotel room” to wherever you want to go.
You won’t have to drive anywhere. Enter your own bubble of privacy and reconnect with that special someone, or your family, or friends. When you head out onto the waters, you disconnect from society and reconnect with yourself and your loves ones.
Whether you want to spend the day fishing, jumping into the cool water or simply read your book and finish your drink – the decision is yours.

# 2 Wake up with a different view every morning

Sick of opening your hotel windows and finding out that your expensive room gives you a view of a brick wall. The view from the windows on your houseboat is always changing and shows you nature at its finest. Hiring one of the OppiDam Houseboats will give you a different view wherever you spend your time on deck or inside. An added bonus is that you experience this view in complete serenity, in peace and quiet. All you will hear when you wake up is the sound of the water and the call of the local birdlife.

# 3 The room service is the freshest it can get

Put an end to ordering from that pricey menu and eating in your bedroom. On an OppiDam Houseboat all you need to do is get your fishing rods and call in an order for the best room service you’ve ever had. While you are feasting on the fresh catch of the day, you may take in breath-taking views of the stunning sunsets.

# 4 There is no crowds in your pool

Use to run for a deck chair and a place to stand in the pool? This is a thing of the past in a OppiDam Houseboat. You can enjoy a cool refreshing swim right of the deck of your houseboat with no one else in the water. Even the kids can’t be embarrassed by you because there won’t be a soul in sight.

# 5 Give your credit card a rest

Once you’ve checked into your hotel room, the spending continues. There are always extra expenses like activities, meals, and room service. It doesn’t stop till you’re driving home. The spending comes to an end once you begin your houseboat vacation on the water. Put your credit card away, load the houseboat with all of your belongings, food, snacks and drinks and depart from land. Everything you require for a fantastic vacation will be on board with you.

# 6 Enjoy complete freedom

When you take a holiday on a houseboat, you get all the good things about both a houseboat vacation and a land vacation, but none of the bad things. With the freedom to captain as you like, you can decide where your day takes you. Why not come back in, tie up, and take the kids to a nearby park or resort, or the local pub? You are not stuck in your boat or on the water, but once you get out there, you probably won’t want to go back.

# 7 Water!

A vacation on the water is like nothing else. You can’t find a better place to sleep than on a houseboat. Looking at the water is very relaxing, and the best part is that you’re always moving, even if you’re just sitting still on the deck. Even the hardest workers forget what day it is. The fast pace of life slows down, your mind relaxes, and the water flows.
If you’re tired of the same holiday, don’t delay! Fun, houseboat vacations are excellent for every occasion. Consider it for your honeymoon, family vacation, or teambuilding event. Vygeboom Dam is notable for its diverse fish species, plentiful birds, and different sceneries. So… How long? OppiDam Houseboats will make your next vacation unforgettable.

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