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9 Reasons why you should go camping and not stay in a hotel

Camping might be cheaper than travelling to an exotic place and staying in a luxury hotel. However, camping may be expensive if you’re not careful.
Camping and hoteling have pros and cons. Because they offer such different sensations, try both if you’ve never done either. Sometimes a hotel is better than camping, and vice versa.

Camping is the best summer holiday, and is the most affordable and finest way to generate lasting experiences.

Lets focus on camping and why it is the better option:

1. Family time

Camping provides experiences that can’t be compared to a hotel. Camping is a great way to get down to basics and spend quality time with loved ones while enjoying activities. You can play board games or spend a relaxing evening talking around the campfire instead of checking your social media feed or watching television.

Children enjoy camping because it provides them with an environment free from adult interference in which they may simply be children.

2. Lower costs

Depending on how rough you want it to be, camping is one of the cheapest ways to go on vacation. It’s not uncommon to spend as little on a week or more of camping as you would on two nights in a hotel.

The cost of your hotel stay will vary widely based on your preferences, but, even the cheapest hotels in the most convenient locations, may be quite pricey. When you go camping, you definitely save money.

3. Fresh air

One of the best things about camping is breathing in the fresh air. There’s nothing like being out in nature to clear your head and recharge your batteries after a day spent in the city’s polluted air. Camping has many advantages, but one of the finest is the better quality of sleep you get. Spending time outside raises serotonin levels, which in turn induce feelings of contentment, joy, and peace in the individual.

4. Peace and quiet

Camping is the best way to disconnect from everyday life. Getting away from civilization and into the bush is the only way to experience true peace and quiet. When the weather is right, a campfire, some fresh air, and a starry night sky may make for a memorable getaway for two.

Hotels are notorious for having noisy guests and rude next-door residents. You can hear your neighbour’s TV on a regular basis, or worse, you may be kept awake all night by the revolving of doors as guests enter and exit their rooms.

Unless you’re in a particularly unpleasant campsite full of obnoxious individuals, this isn’t anything you need to worry about when pitching your tent. Most campgrounds have strictly enforced quiet hours.

Camping is a great way to disconnect from civilization in this digital age. Put away your mobile devices, and think back to a simpler time.

5. Feeling of accomplishment

Unlike lounging by the hotel pool, setting up camp, constructing a fire, hiking or paddling across a river or dam, all give you a sense of pride and accomplishment. Learning to fish, build a fire, or pack up your tent into its bag are all valuable life skills that may be practised on a camping trip.

6. Experience nature in all its splendour

Although we like our modern comforts, we occasionally yearn to return to a more traditional way of life. It’s great to enjoy the outdoors and take in all the sights and sounds that nature has to offer. You get to see and hear things that are ordinarily out of your reach. A camping excursion in the great outdoors may do wonders for the soul of a city dweller.

Camping out is the best way to really take in the beauty of nature. You’ll be able to take in nature’s full auditory and visual spectrum. You’ll be able to watch the sunrise each morning and the sun set each evening.

The experience of seeing animals in their natural environment is unparalleled to that of visiting a zoo. Whether you enjoy birdwatching or photography, spending time viewing animals is a fulfilling hobby that brings you closer to nature.

It’s excellent for the spirit to go camping. It’s a chance to escape the stresses of everyday life, including paying bills and doing laundry, and unwind in a serene setting.

7. Food and the camp fire

When you go camping, you’ll need to put in some effort to have your camp site ready and organised. You feel hungrier than usual when lunchtime rolls around.
One of the most enjoyable aspects of camping is preparing and eating meals. Something about preparing food in the great outdoors enhances its flavour in ways that are impossible to achieve indoors. Grilled food always looks and smells better than it would in any other setting.

Traditional fare like burgers and hot dogs can be done or roast some marshmallows or have kettle popcorn. After a day in the great outdoors, you can be sure that any meal you prepare will be delicious.

8. Your pet can come too

Most hotels are not pet friendly, but camping allows you to bring your dog(s) to enjoy the trip with you. Going camping allows you to include the family’s best friend without having to wonder if a hotel is pet-friendly, which most are not.

The camping community is more dog-friendly and it is nice to be able to camp in a spot and not have to worry about your dog. Taking your pet with you on a camping trip isn’t as stressful for them as it would be staying in a kennel.

9. Outdoor activities

Depending on where you camp, you’ll have tons of outdoor activities to choose from, like fishing, swimming, hiking, and water sports. After all of the fun, you’ll be exhausted at night and sleep like a rock in your tent or caravan.


Returning home from camping will help you appreciate the little things. Air conditioning, Queen-size bed and hot showers in your bathroom.
Camping lets you try new things like fishing, hunting, and fire-making. Camping is the finest way to spend vacation days. It’s beneficial for your health, soul, and memory.

Camping with your kids is one of the nicest things you can do for them and will offer them an unforgettable experience. Give kids a taste of nature and roughing it, and let them run around the campsite.

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