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Advantages and disadvantages of a Camper van

Owning a camper van or hiring one has become a great way to enjoy holidays, weekends, and leisure time with your family. Taking a trip in a camper van has a distinct allure that you shouldn’t pass up, particularly if you enjoy travelling and going from place to place by car. Your trip can be as stress-free and enjoyable as you make it by doing as much preparation as you possibly can.

Some advantages and disadvantages of traveling in a camper van are:


1. You have the freedom to visit many places

This is one of the biggest perks of road trips. You can stop at numerous interesting spots while travelling. This depends on how much vacation time you have and how well you organise it.

Road travel differs from boat or airline travel, where you land at your destination. In a camper van, you can stop anytime you want and remain as long as you want within your vacation period.

Driving to your destination may be cheaper than flying, giving you more money to explore more places. Camper van travel is more relaxed than switching buses. Thus, you can enjoy the holiday more.

2. Easy parking

As we all know, camping is the cheapest way to find accommodation and with a camper van you will make use of camping sites to spend the night. You can locate camp sites with affordable rates for those times when you need to leave your camper van parked.

Furthermore, if a camp site isn’t available, you can always choose to park in large, open areas like those next to supermarkets. It could be challenging to drive the campervan in small towns, but parking is simple.

3. Cost-effective

Camper vans are affordable to travel in, which is their major benefit. Petrol is expensive in South Africa, yet it may be cheaper than flying.
Other benefits make camper van trips affordable are your meals and accommodation costs will be much lower. There is no need to check out and in of hotels, flats or cottages. Lodging can be expensive, depending on your destination and family size. A camper van is ideal for overnight family trips. Even with a leased camper van, the trip may be cheaper than motels.

Eating out or ordering takeaway can also be expensive. Cooking is cheaper than reheating grocery store prepared foods. Since you’re taking a camper van, you may cook at the campsite and spend the day or night sightseeing without worrying about finding an inexpensive meal.

4. Packing is more convenient

This brings us to the next advantage of a camper van. Packing will be easier when you don’t have to keep packing and unpacking whenever you move from one destination to the next. Basically, everything is in your camper van, with you all the time.

Even regular travellers will tell you that packing to go on holiday is one of the hardest parts about traveling. It is time-consuming and stressful, and even more so when there are children around.

A camper van lessens the stress of travelling. There are plenty of restaurants and grocery stores around for those days when you just don’t feel like cooking. Everything you need is already in the camper van. All you need to do is add your clothes and groceries.

5. Better views

Exploring nature in distant areas only hikers and adventure tourists can access is unmatched. Some top sights are only accessible via bus or tour. Though beautiful, throngs of tourists could mar the experience. If there are too many people, you may not see anything.

In these cases, a camper van journey can be useful. Visit the usual attractions or go to places most tourists miss. Most camp sites are in national parks, where guests can freely enjoy dams, mountains, and other natural beauties. Plus, you won’t have to deal with other visitors in your group, so you can go where the locals go.

Tour groups and packages miss the world’s top sights. Taking use of those options will make your journey more enjoyable.


1. Tight roads might cause a problem

Depending on your destination, narrow roads may not fit a huge camper van. Highways and most national roads are easy to navigate, but back roads are not.
Camper vans are large, making urban driving difficult. It’s bigger than a typical pickup truck, so it may take some getting used to if you’ve never driven one. It may take time to acclimatise.

In addition to changing driving style, the extra weight makes driving harder. Space and weight make camper van driving harder than in smaller vehicles.
Avoiding this issue requires a well-planned route and schedule. Be sure to park your camper van if you must walk through congested areas. Does your research on any city or town you plan to visit to avoid transportation issues?

2. Showering may be a challenge

If you’re used to hot showers at home, camper van living may be difficult. Leaving for a few days shouldn’t be a problem. Longer trips may miss your personal bathroom and shower.

Many new camper vans have portable showers, but they’re hard to set up and use. Some travellers may struggle with hotel showers’ shorter and less luxurious length. Your personality determines whether you can make temporary sacrifices or prefer a hotel with a larger bathroom. The ablution block is usually available at all camp sites.

3. Privacy

Comparing camper vans to hotel rooms shows how little privacy they have. You have unlimited independence in a hotel or flat. Don’t worry about crowded seating if you like your privacy.

You may not want to spend much time in a tight camper van. Park where you can eat outside with foldable chairs and tables. Other campers and tourists may also be using the open space. You may have less privacy and more people than at a hotel or flat.

Thus, it shouldn’t be a problem for travellers who like meeting strangers and don’t mind sharing space. Travel companions may become lifelong pals. A certain type of traveller may benefit from this.


There are definitely advantages and disadvantages to traveling in a camper van. However, the advantages really outweigh the disadvantages, otherwise, camper vans would not be as popular as they are.

While traveling in a camper van may not be the first choice for many travellers, it has become the norm and you should give it a try. Those who may have done so would convince you of how traveling on a camper van can easily be one of the best ways to travel when you’re on a road trip.

Once you have tried it out, you may find yourself wanting to travel by camper van more frequently than you imagined, and you might even consider buying your own.

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