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Fun and thrilling water sports to try out

Despite the cliché that “water is the elixir of life,” this is not the only meaning of the word. Given the sky-high level of enthusiasm around water sports right now, it has also evolved into the elixir of outdoor activities. Many people have a distinct love for activities involving water. Some prefer it to be serene and placid, while others relish testing the turbulence and water currents.

The enormous popularity of water sports is due to the fact that they provide an exciting, enjoyable, physically and mentally taxing sporting experience. Whether performed on land, in the water, or underwater, all water activities are enjoyable. Diverse water sports can be played for recreational purposes while on vacation or for competitive purposes. Let’s look at some of the very popular water sport activities that you can participate in when spending time at a dam.


The activity of canoeing entails using a single-bladed paddle to move a canoe. The majority of canoeing today is done for sport or as a recreational activity. Canoe camping and canoe racing are only a couple of the recreational paddling activities. A variety of canoeing on lakes, rivers, oceans, ponds, and streams are among the other varieties.


Another relatively simple, low-impact water sport that is perfect for everyone is kayaking. A kayak is a single or two-person, tiny, narrow watercraft that is powered by double-bladed paddles. It works wonders for exploring protected coastlines, lagoons, dams and rivers that have calmer waters. You can go closer to the surroundings than with other vehicles like boats thanks to the small size and low height to the water.

It is also a great exercise session. While balancing engages your core, paddling works your arms, back, and shoulders. Hire a kayak for a few hours so you can go exploring on your own, or take part in a kayaking trip to learn more about the area. Once you gain confidence in your paddling abilities, you can try paddling over river or surf rapids or casting a fishing line from your kayak. Kayaking is also a fantastic way to relax and clear your mind.

Stand-up Paddling

Anyone can try the relatively new water activity of stand-up paddling. It's simple to master and simultaneously gives your core a great workout! All you need is a surfboard and a stand-up paddle to get started. When you practice this exercise, you'll engage your core to maintain balance while having fun in the water or on flat waters with your pals. You should also be aware that this sport requires swimming proficiency.


Use a hydrofoil board to elevate your surfing. In order to give lift out of the water under the correct circumstances, it is built with a foil attached to the bottom. This foil harnesses the kinetic energy of waves. As a result, you may travel at much higher speeds and get the sensation of flying. You can get boards with simply the foil or with an electric motor so they can operate in calm environments like bays and lakes. The energy and motion necessary to produce the lift are supplied by the engine. Prior to trying a hydrofoil, it is ideal to have some surfing experience because the latter can be more dangerous and difficult to master. But it can also be a lot more enjoyable!

Jet Skiing

Experience the thrill of a lifetime with a jet ski. You'll feel the wind in your hair and water spray on your face as a result of this strong watercraft. For adrenaline junkies you can fly over the water, or choose to go at a much more tranquil pace. Although there is a minimum age requirement for driving, it can still be a fun family activity if children ride in a tandem with an adult. Depending on your location, you could require a boat license for general hiring, but at most placing you won't.


Parasailing will give you a bird's eye view of the environment. In this thrilling activity, you will be released from the back of a fast boat while being fastened to a sizable parasail. The wind and stunning views are enjoyed while you sit comfortably in a harness. Aside from that, you won't need to get wet. You will be gently led back to the boat for landing after your flight time is up. The majority of the family will enjoy it, however there are typically minimum age and weight requirements. Paragliding, however, can also be a fantastic choice for those with disabilities.


For athletes looking to develop their balance and strength, windsurfing is a fantastic cross-training sport. It's a great method to maintain your surfing fitness as well. But remember, it's also an extremely demanding sport. You need to be prepared before you go outside because there are many different types of equipment and bodily motions required. The equipment needed for windsurfing includes a board, sail, and mast. With a few modifications for windsurfing's particular needs, such as weight distribution over the board, foot straps to keep your feet in place, and a harness or safety line attached to the boat so you don't fall off if you lose control of the craft, the equipment is similar to other types of sailing.

Final thoughts

No matter how adventurous you might be or not be, having fun next to a dam is an option to definitely consider. It means fun for the whole family. One place to consider when looking for some fun activities to do is OppiDam Resort at Vygeboom Dam in Mpumalanga.

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