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List of the top 10 features of Kayak fishing

Professional and recreational fishermen alike are flocking to kayaks to cast their lines. Save money, get some exercise, and spend time in nature by going fishing from a kayak. Kayak fishing is a great way to spend time on the dam or river, without breaking the bank. Both buying and renting kayaks are viable options. Since there are many different types of kayaks, renting is a terrific option for first-timers so that they may test out a few before settling on the one that works best for them. Make sure you have a Personal Floatation Device (PFD), a sound generating device like a whistle, and that you know where you're going by consulting the Places to Boat and Fish Map or a GPS before setting out on your kayaking adventure. Here are our 10 reason for going kayak fishing:

#1 Becoming immersed in nature

There is really little between you and your environment when kayak fishing. The soothing motion of the water beneath you will help you relax. With the silence of your kayak, you can listen to the sounds of nature around you, including the birds singing and the splashes of fish.

#2 Ease of access and manoeuvrability

Kayaks are able to manoeuvre through tight and shallow channels. Previously inaccessible camping and fishing places will now be within easy reach. Larger boats than kayaks have size restrictions and can't go in shallow water. Thin and shallow water is required for paddling a kayak. Because of this, they are able to access previously inaccessible locations, such as the interior of mangrove forests.

#3 Cover large areas

A kayak's mobility allows its user to swiftly cover a large area by paddling (or pedalling) to any location without risk.

#4 Exercise and you can stay out longer

Kayak fishing is a fantastic way to get some exercise, both aerobic and strength training, whether you like to paddle with your arms or your legs. When you first realise the benefits of fishing from a kayak you will spend more and more time on the water, returning many hours later with a hatch full of fish and a huge smile on your face.

#5 You’ll catch more fish and a bigger variety

You may expect to catch more fish from your kayak. You can fish in the deep or in the shallows, depending on your preference. You are free to move around and are no longer constrained by your location on land. In a half day of fishing, you may cover a lot of water. From the comfort of your fishing kayak, you may access any structure you like, opening the door to a wide variety of fish. You're free to look for water further down. You can travel a couple hundred meters to reach baitfish jumping in mangroves, faster moving water, or fish in the open ocean. Remember that you may take your kayak out on the open water, as well as rivers and dams. Your possibilities have just multiplied immensely.

#6 You’ll find fishing spot nobody else knows about

This is a major argument in favour of rushing out to purchase a kayak specifically for fishing. You can discover hidden places on the water all on your own. Even if you believe you've found a secret area to fish from the shore or wade, from a pier or bridge, or anywhere else on land, someone else probably already knows about it.

#7 It is way cooler on a kayak

While sitting in a kayak, you are exposed to the wind and water spray from the occasional wave that crashes into the front of your craft. If you want to cool off, you can drop your toes in whenever you choose, or if you locate a shallow spot, you can even jump in for a few minutes. That's the fun of kayaking.

#8 Less stress and higher quality of life

There is a certain kind of peace that can be found while sitting in a kayak and watching the waves rise and fall. The dam, the birds, and the sounds of your breath as you hook into something you know is huge or wonderful on the plate can replace the roar of passing cars on the highway.

#9 Gear for geeks

The equipment used in kayak fishing has come a long way over the years. You can outfit your kayak with everything from rod holders to GPS/SONAR systems to pedal systems to bait boxes to coolers to vehicle racks, and all at a price that won't break the bank.

#10 Go single or tandem

If you and your partner or friend are both into fishing you might consider purchasing a tandem fishing kayak. Not only will you have lots of fun, but for the sake of security, wouldn't it be best if there were two of you? To test out your kayak on the fishing water or if you are not sure if you want to buy one, visit OppiDam Resort at Vygeboom Dam in Mpumalanga. They have kayaks for hire and this way you can see if you like it.

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