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Top 5 board games to take on a camping trip

A break-away in a caravan or tent around South Africa, whether it is for a weekend or a few weeks holidaying, is always filled with tons of fun, adventures, and everlasting memories. Whether you are fully prepared for your journey, there is always the possibility, especially in South Africa, that the weather may keep you and your family cooped up in your caravan or tent for a number of days.

While camping offers a variety of activities, there are occasions when you may get caught in a downpour or simply want to relax. The weather for caravanning has a significant impact on the holiday’s overall atmosphere. There is always a chance that rain will interfere with your vacation, especially if you are camping with family, a partner, or friends. Additionally, you’ll discover that there is a lot of idle time while camping in between activities. Most people would rather rest and laze around at this time, but for kids, this is the worst thing that could possibly happen. A fun way to spend time as a family on days like today is to break out the board games.

There are many advantages to board games than just being a method to spend time for kids. Board games assist youngsters develop their critical thinking, reasoning, and logic skills.

Here are the top 5 games you may bring along to keep kids occupied:


The old tried and trusted classic Monopoly is just as effective during holidays as it is at home. Today you do get a variety of other board games based on the principles and rules of Monopoly that might just add a little change to this old classic board game. Monopoly is a multiplayer board game with an economics theme. The hottest properties are listed on the board; sites, stations, and utilities are all available. Invest in homes and lodgings, then observe the rents roll in. Make deals with other players and keep an eye out during auctions for deals. There are numerous approaches to achieve your goals. And for truly rapid dealers, play a short and intense game of Monopoly using the speed die. So, sign up for Go and start trading.


A superb game that includes all the components necessary for a great board games is Rummikub. The game moves quickly and is simple to learn. As players move the tiles around the table, the board is constantly changing. Every player has a chance to win until the very end since it combines luck and strategy with fast changes. In runs and groups, players take turns laying numbered tiles. The Joker tiles, which can be any colour or number, increase the enjoyment. Being the first to use every tile in your rack is the goal. Rummikub is excellent for game nights and for playing with people of different ages.

30 Seconds

A definite favourite under the board games is 30 Seconds. It is a quick general knowledge game played by teams of two or four players. Each player has 30 seconds to guess a word from their teammate’s explanation. The goal is to predict as many alternative responses as possible. The key
limitation on the explanation is that it cannot include the entire word or even a portion of it.

A track made up of a series of squares is moved by a token for each team. There is a different image on each square. After drawing a card each round, the team has 30 seconds to define up to five of the terms on that card. For each accurate response, the team can advance one square. The goal is to get at the track’s end first. This is excellent for adults and a helpful method to broaden your kids’ understanding and general knowledge.


The traditional card game UNO is perfect for children because it doesn't require a lot of ability to play. This game is perfect to bring camping because all you need is a deck of cards to play. Each player just places a card from their hand on the pile in turn that is the same colour or number as the previous card played. It's enjoyable for kids too because of this straightforward idea. Just keep in mind to shout "UNO" when you only have one card left! You may play this game for hours on end and it can get highly competitive.


Build the tallest tower by pushing, pulling, and stacking Jenga, but be sure to keep your balance or the structure will collapse! Everyone will love the thrilling, gravity-defying action in this game. Do you pull your block right away or do you take your time and examine the stack? Show off your Jenga skills in whichever way you like. The simple game of classic Jenga can be played whenever, anywhere, and whatever you please. You'll have fun selecting your block whether you are calm, methodical, or cunning.


I really hope that you have some of these games in your camping box so that you and your family will have something fun to do when you go camping again.

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